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Similar to the words, falcon, or dome piece, head is a term used to refer to someone. It is a stand-in for other inferior words such as 'bro' or 'dude.' You can call someone a 'head' in direct conversation or refer to someone as a 'head.' Like, someone can say that there are mad heads at this ripper, or like, head, lets booze.
JM: Yo head, lets get grab that 30 rack and kill those in my room piece.
Jack: Nahhh, falcon, lets booze those on the bleachers.
by J Wall May 04, 2007
One who is sick nasty at sports. One who dominates his respective sport with skill so godlike, it's scary.
Kyle Harrison is a vice at lacrosse.
Michael Jordan is a vice at basketball.

the list goes on
by J Wall May 03, 2007
A nine is a text message.
"Yo bro, drop me a nine when you get that 30 rack."
by J Wall May 03, 2007
A term used for someone's head, someone's house or room, or also used colloquially as to refer to another person. See falcon or head.
-Yo Shel, lets go fuck in my dome piece.

-Shit, head, that ball just hit me in my domepiece.

-Kid, check out that dome piece over there. I bet he's an ass pirate.
by J Wall May 04, 2007
A voicemail. When one leaves a voicemail on another's phone, or 'twig,' it is called an '86.'
"Brosef, send me a straight 86 when you're at the party"
by J Wall May 03, 2007
A twig is the name for a cell phone. One can all another's twig, or send a text message, or 'nine,' to a fellow brother's twig, and even more, one can drop a voicemail or '86' on a brosef's twig.
John does not carry around his twig, so he never picks up my calls. What an amatuer
by J Wall May 03, 2007

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