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3 definitions by J W Fokker

Deception or tomfoolery on the part of carnival stand operators.
"Officer Barbrady, I call shenanigans!"
by J W Fokker October 17, 2003
When a man "taps" or "pounds" an woman's ass with his genitals.
"Bitch wanted that shit. She was like 'Put it in my ass.' I was like 'Shit...', so I gave her the whole shebang."
by J W Fokker October 17, 2003
An archaic word meaning "family". This is mostly unused in modern times, except for in certain backwoods regions of the nation (south of the Mason-Dixon line), where society has become stagnant and inbred.
I tol' you how many times Jimmy Dean, taint right to go fornicatin' wit' animals. Y'all s'posed to do that wit' yor kinfolk.
by J W Fokker October 17, 2003