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Term for a mentally retarded person. This used to be used to denote people with Down's Syndrome, and now is just generally derogatory.
That Matt Cancian is a real mongoloid. What an idiot!
by J Train April 17, 2005
(suck my balls) as in (lick my testicals) or (give my testacles pleasure) or (screw u)
Swen89: i dont like u
Justsex89: smb
Swen89: huh?
Justsex89: (suck my balls)
Swen89: oh ok..
by J Train November 25, 2004
1. Means wonderful in German. This word is used by people who choose not to be straight.
Bob: We use the word "wonderful" too much.
Johnny: Dude, only you use that word.
Bob: I guess I am the only one who says "wonderful".
Craig: I say wunderbar a lot.
by J Train January 12, 2005

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