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Common name of Antonin Scalia, United States Supreme Court Justice. Tony fixed the 2000 US Presidential Election by stopping the vote recount in Florida and handing the presidency to George Walker Bush.

Tony has fixed other things, as well. Such as in 2004 U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia rejected a request that he remove himself from a case about Vice President Dick Cheney's energy task force after their recent duck-hunting trip raised questions about his impartiality.

"Since I do not believe my impartiality can reasonably be questioned, I do not think it would be proper for me to recuse," he said in a 21-page opinion.
Tony The Fixer always wanted to have met Bennito Mussolini.
by J Snow February 05, 2010
assholiness is a state of being most exhibited by politicians and mass media windbags
Jay Leno, his assholiness, made fun of unemployed people like it was fun to lose your job, your house and your family.
by J Snow February 05, 2010
Food served that is so bad that it looks and/or tastes and/or feels like it was regurgitated. Anything that should be edible, but appears to have been regurgitated.
Take that vomiterized barfaroni back to the chef.
by J Snow February 05, 2010
Osama Obama is the urban legend name for Barrack Hussein Obama. He is nicknamed Osama Obama because he has failed to halt the insane American Terrorizing War against Americans and the rest of the world.

Osama Bin Laden is dead having been killed in 2001 by US bombing in Afghanistan. The CIA fakes tapes of Osama Bin Laden to scare America into pissing more money away on this worthless war of American terror.

Obama is to blame for continuing this nonsense.
Osama Obama is calling again for your tax dollars.
by J Snow February 05, 2010
Common nickname for Dick Cheney. Can also be anyone who has bad breath and/or behaves like a complete douche-bag.
Dickbreath lied again to Congress.
by J Snow February 05, 2010
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