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2 definitions by J Shap

When a black guy stares someone down with a look of pure hatred on his face. This can often be seen performed by black athletes directed toward a referee that has just made a call against them. It is usually preceded by the "niggerish expression of disbelief," which is characterized by a tell tale throwing up of the hands and furrowing of the brow in an extremely confused and angry look, accompanied by the phrase "WHAT THE FUCK?" and, in extreme cases, followed by the athlete purposely falling over backwards and laying on his back dramatically for a few seconds to emphasize the point that he "don't know why the fuck that nigga flagged me son."
Yo, did you see that crucial niggerish staredown Plaxico Burress gave Eli Manning after he was wide open and the pass went to Shockey instead of him?
by j shap November 28, 2005
106 20
one of those T-shirts that looks like a jersey. shirt and jersey combined.
man, you shoulda spent the money for a jersey, you look like a clown in that bootleg Jeter shirsey!
by J Shap July 20, 2006
17 0