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J Ho is a gangsta rapper and all star trapper. Recently retired out of the distrubtion but now focuses all his time making new beats for his buddy C Dub. (See C Dub definition) J Ho used to have the lockdown in Northeast Arkansas but recently gave that up to pursue his pimpin business. His all time famous ho LB is workin for him full time, bringing in new niggas everyday.
J Ho, how much to get some head from that ho LB. Nigga 5 dollars. Thats to much for her, maybe like three. Ok sounds good, when do you want her?
by J Rae October 04, 2006
C Dub is a notorious gangsta rapper. He is known down in the dirty county called Craighead for spitting hot fire flows. He is the number one supplier/dealer/ distributor of anything and everything you could ever want. He spends his free time gettin damp and spittin mad rhymes. He WILL sink yo battleship.
*Yo C Dub hook me up with a dime. (C Dub responds) You know I dont deal less than a QP. Nigga I be stackin that bread.
*C Dub lets go make some new flows, nigga you cant flow.
*C Dub why did you put Pablo Escabar out of business?
*Hey Masta Chief lets get that Cocoa Pebbles in Yo Bowl CD started. Damn straight C Dub.
*Hey lets get some marijuana, who should we call J Rae? Call that thug C Dub. Wait, he is out of town, call his best friend D-Won. Yeah, he has a mess load of weed.
by J Rae October 04, 2006

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