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2 minute drill, audible at the line of scrimmage (fooling the defense). Dont get caught offsides ;)
When your having sex "switch hit" and put it in her ass. She either rolls with it, or you have a problem on your hands. Execute it with the precision of the great John Elway.
by J ROG809 October 03, 2010
Mix drink from hell. Consists of Vodka, Whiskey, Beer, Rum, and Sunny Delight
Are you man enough to try the MDFH
by J ROG809 October 03, 2010
Mandatory ugly fat friend. Every hot girl you know in your life has one of these. They are often known has enforcers, body guards, and offensive linemen. Not sure the reasoning behind it, maybe the hot girls want to make themselves look better, but just always make sure you beware of the MUFF...
There goes another MUFF
by J ROG809 October 03, 2010

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