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Alternative to money. Like money, the term is used to describe anything that one might find especially favorable or pleasing.

Synthesized etymology: Much like with the colloquial expression "money in the bank," the target of discussion is being likened to the desirability of cash.
You're going out with a Playmate of the Month..?
Dude-- that's cash.
by J Monty Rivers December 26, 2003
A declaration used in parting from company when one is about to retire for the evening to sleep, but not before masturbating.

In delivery, there should be a slight pause between "sack" and "and" to emphasize that what was implied by the first statement was not what was actually intended.
Me: Well, guys... I oughta be getting along. Time to hit the sack... and then... go to bed.

My Company: (moment of dawning... laughs and jeers)
by J Monty Rivers December 26, 2003
Nobody, ever. (Literally: Hybrid of the words "everybody" and "never.")
Neverybody should go swimming immediately after eating a meal. Likewise, neverybody reads my original definitions to this site.
by J Monty Rivers January 07, 2004
It's important to note that I mistakenly put "nickel and two dimes" where "nickel and two pennies" was clearly what I should have said.
Lesson learned: I am stupid.
by J Monty Rivers December 27, 2003
A male who while trying to come across as intimidating is instead perceived as effeminate or gay by his actions or vocal intonation.

Also applies when someone looks like a tool attempting a macho stunt.

(Textually, Estrojan is capitalized.)
Poor Bob tried to put the fear of God into his noisy neighbors but ended up looking like quite the Estrojan.
by J Monty Rivers December 26, 2003
The preferred return of metal coinage for a given transaction to keep one from being bogged down with unfavorable denominations.
As opposed to taking the full 57 cents change from the cashier, Bob opted to leave the nickel and two dimes behind and pocket only the comfortable coinage.
by J Monty Rivers December 26, 2003
The word "intrude" attempted while I was drunk.
"He's no good for you. I mean, I'm not trying to intrusify, but.. oh sh1t, that's not a word."
by J Monty Rivers December 26, 2003

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