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1. To twirl in a circle while standing on a pincushion, wearing a pink dress.

2. To waste time foolishly.
Elvira, are you just going to sit there pwimping for the rest of the day or are you going to do something productive?
by J L M R March 21, 2008
An old drunk man who sits on the edge of a river and drinks himself into a stupor while kicking his feet in the water like a little kid.
Serena's uncle was such a paddlefoot. You never found him without a bottle in his hand, and he was always within 3 millimetres of some river or other.
by J L M R March 21, 2008
A sound a bird makes, normally used in a negative sense, when the noise is unwelcome, annoying, etc.

Rhymes with hoot.
Husband: Good morning, Edna dear. Did you sleep well?

Wife: No, George, I didn't. The damned birds were twüting outside the bedroom window all blasted night and I didn't get a moment's rest! I can't believe you didn't hear them.
by J L M R March 21, 2008
To move in a misdirected yet very purposeful manner, usually making a big scene and calling lots of attention to oneself in the process. It can be wandering aimlessly or striding very purposefully toward someone/something but with lots of distractions along the way and always completely ignorant of everything going on around oneself.

In short, a sort of all-over-the-place reckless abandon where you're either totally focused on something, or not focused on anything at all, but completely ignoring everyone around you as you knock into things, walk this way and that as if you forgot where you wanted to go next, and in general making a complete spectacle of yourself.
The loud, fat old woman with the voluminous flowered blouse and garish tri-coloured shawl went blumbing through the entire marketplace, upsetting EVERYTHING in her path.

The nosy neighbour woman blumbled down the lane, looking for her twelve cats.
by J L M R March 21, 2008
Someone who is one of more of the following:

fat, ridiculous, rude, big, toadish, grumpy, ill-mannered, rude, a stick in the mud, always in the way

Just picture a fat grumpy old woman with a huge rear end who is frowning awfully at you from across the room, while wearing a housedress as big as a house, with her hair going every which way, and either glasses or warts or too much makeup, or all three.
That blump sat there like a toad all day and watched us and wouldn't even get out of the way when we asked her nicely to move!
by J L M R March 21, 2008

Used to modify an adjective to make it more monumental.
Mariah, Stephanie, and Gertrude didn't just have fun on their trip to the Galapagos Islands. They had mei fun.
by J L M R March 21, 2008

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