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all of you are stupid. just downright stupid. jay-z is one of the greatest and most incredible emcees to have reached our ears. shocking? no u stupid idiots. most of u guys are probably white hip-hop conscious wannabes who only listen to kweli and the roots. let's settle it here. the roots and kweli would DREAM of doin tracks with him. wait THEY DID!! i listen only the best: de la soul, common, roots, mos, kweli, gangstarr, ghostface, gza, pharoahe monch, royce da 5'9", EVEN REALLY UNDERGROUND: illogic, cannibal ox, immortal technique, etc. AND THEY WOULD ALL LOVE TO DO A TRACK WITH JAY-Z!! WHY?! CAUSE HE IS THAT INCREDIBLE. u retards. go back to J5.
"jay-z sucks we only know radio music and hear his singles. we don't know he does that to draw in the dough. we don't know 4 of his albums are considered hip hop classics. WHOOPS"
by J Danz October 23, 2004

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