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(Respectfully) a homosexual, perhaps participating in prostitution.
(M scores a goal on a football video game).
M: Yes, fucking yes, eat that, K-!
K: Sit down, you fucking rent boy.
by J Dane May 15, 2006
Mild term for declining consent. Picked up from Michael Caine (Jack Carter in "Get Carter" - there is no cooler fella)
M: Will you lend me a fiver?
J: Stroll on.
by J Dane May 15, 2006
Usually used in conjunction with the well-known middle finger. It literally means "sit and swivel". It is synomomnousy with kiss my arse, or suck my cock.
S: What happened to my sandwich?
J: I don't know.
S: I will make it, don't worry...
J: Can you make me one please?
S: (with the middle finger up) Sit and swivel
J: Egg please!
by J Dane May 15, 2006
Its what I call Chav girls who think they're the dogs bollocks. So rather than tell she looks like some dogs bollocks, I say, "Fuck off, you chip slut."

They are fat, ugly, and hang round Chippys.
Fat chavette bitch: UUUHHhhh What u doin!?
Me: Shut your mouth, chip slut.
by J Dane November 28, 2006
Disambiguation: NOT only the horrific and subhuman act of forced sexual intercourse, but in Essex, the turning over, rolling over, slaughtering, or absolute beating of an opponent in a sporting game.
We got raped (sideways) by Southend.
by J Dane May 15, 2006

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