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A blanket term used to reveal the overall emotion a single party has concerning a certain subject, past matter, product, experience, situation at hand or body part.

Although many think these three words should be seperate entities within a sentence, the bonding of all three together into a single word leaves one with an easy flowing term that has been spreading like wild fire.

The term also leaves the freedom to interject a single noun to target in on the exact subject matter.
A really hot girl walks by on the street. One guy turns to another guy and simply says "Howsthatbeen?".

Usually it is followed up by a smile and a nod or a "Itsbeengood".

Most notable example is "HowsthatLooseboybeen?"
by J Conn The Crazy Maniac May 22, 2009
A term coined to get someone to inadvertently ask " Whats Furdeena". Only to be answered by the person initiating the play on words "I dunno. Spaghetti and Meatballs?"

Furdeena (Fur-Dee-Nah) Sounds like " For dinner" with an italian accent.
Person A: Hey would you like a Furdeena?
Person B: A what?
Person A: A Furdeena. Would you like one?
Person B: I dunno. Spaghetti and Meatballs???

This is usualy followed by an awkward silence, the sound of crickets or the ultimate "Wow you are retarded!". All of these answers are expected reponses, as it is a terrible joke.
by J Conn The Crazy Maniac May 21, 2009
Its whats Furdeena.
Whats a Furdeena? Vulcrum.
by J Conn The Crazy Maniac May 21, 2009
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