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When you take a clear plastic tube and sick it in your ass and the other end into your partners ass. Then shit so it goes up into your partners ass. Your partner then shits it back into your ass.
Brent wanted to get freaky last night so he gave Gabby a fecal exchange.

Fecal exchanges are so hot right now.
by J Clark June 22, 2006
A very obese woman. Usually travel in herds.
A herd of river pigs were seen feeding at a local Arbys.

Smothers almost went home with a river pig one time.
by J Clark June 23, 2006
A great day of the week to show your liver who's boss, and the perfect day to build your tolerance for the upcomming weekend binge.
A Dude, you going to get fuckerd up tonight?
B Does a monkey throw shit?

A That's right. It's.....
B It's thursty thursday you fucking twat!
by J Clark November 14, 2006
When a girl takes her glass eye out and a guy sticks his dick in her eye socket.
I was making out with this girl and she asked me to give her a salty ribeye.
by j Clark October 19, 2013
A very obese woman who has a third hand in her pussy and when you stick your dick in her the hand jerks you off, because every one knows that you cant bust a nut by hanging your dick out a window.
There has better be a hand in this hot hatchet.

Andy said he would've never gotten off his that river pig didn't have a Hatchet Hand.

Hatchet Hands are so not hot right now.
by J Clark July 26, 2006

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