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Noun, verb, whatever you see fit.

A simple 2-step maneuver preformed while drinking to test one's level of drunkness.

Step 1. Shake head
Step 2. Evaluate how drunk you are by how long it takes your surroundings to stop spinning.

Goal: keep them spinning!
Shit. After all this rum, I just had to (do a) shake test to make sure I could type this right.
by J Chill April 08, 2010
A group of rapping "LG's" that work at the Gator Pool that thrive off green tea and write by the motto, "the dirtier the better."
"Gator Pool Mafia we rollin deep. Fuckin bitches and smoking tree. Savin lives and stackin G's. Takin broads home at a quarter to 3."
by J Chill August 28, 2008
A Virginia Beach Ska band mistakenly viewed as group worshiping Tom Cruise since 2006. On the contrary, they thought of the name prior to Mr. Cruses' "incident" on Oprah's couch.

They broke up after playing their last show at The Norva on May 17, 2008.
I went to the Couch Jumpers' show last night at learned what skanking is.
by J Chill July 10, 2008
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