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4 definitions by J Bodanac

A variation of "Pants". Something that is shambolic or fails dismally to live up to expectations.
"That play was absolutely pantsical... just pants." or "What are we supposed to do in such a pantsical situation?"
by J Bodanac May 04, 2006
Pronounced el-ter-ee-blay. Something that is terrible, without being seriously harmful to anyone.
Guy #1: Dude! I just got clamidia from some chick!
Guy #2: That's el terrible! At least you can cure it!

Girl #1: Dude! I just got clamidia from some guy!
Girl #2: That's el terrible! You can't have babies now!
by J Bodanac May 04, 2006
The most potent form of (a) madsnake. Someone or something so cool, so envied, so admirable, that he/she/it has no competition.
DUDE #1: Man, did you see that?! Wayne is a total madsnake!
DUDE #2: No, man, he's a freakin' angry cobra! No one can do that!
WAYNE: Ssssssss!


GIRL #1: I heard Wayne's breakdancing routine saved the youth centre!
GIRL #2: That's madsnake! So madsnake, it's angry cobra!
by J Bodanac May 04, 2006
The object and act of taking the biggest shit of you're life. Rhymes with Turd. Also abbreviated to Larry.
DUDE #1: Hurry the fuck up man! I've got the biggest Larry Bird poking out!

TAXI DRIVER: I'm going as fast as I can! I don't need you Larry Birding my clean GypsyCab, so hold the fuck on!
by J Bodanac May 04, 2006