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A Wigan term - to pester someone, or generally collar them on a particular subject beyond the realms of polite conversation
'Where has Neil gone?' 'He's over by the bar moidering someone'
by J Biscuit August 24, 2007
Wigan term. To mock or make fun of someone, perhaps who has suffered an unfortunate or embarrassing incident.

Also, a way of referring to someone who's behaviour or presence is annoying.

'Thats the lad over there that fell asleep in the pub and pissed himself. We've been chauving him about it ever since'

'Oh no, there's Gareth. I hope he doesn't come over and start on with his tedious stories - he chauves me'
by J Biscuit August 24, 2007
A pair of ageing and rarely laundered scads.

"I took my grandma to see Tom Jones the other night. She got carried away and slung her Yellow Fronted Brown Backs at the poor sod..."
by J Biscuit August 24, 2007
Wigan term for a freshwater Eel found in the area in the canal, River Douglas or ponds. Occasionally eaten as a delicacy by some locals
'I went out carp fishing but all I got was snigs'

'I was in St Patricks Club and two lads tried to sell me a dead snig for a Fiver...'
by J Biscuit August 03, 2009
To disturb one's slumbering wife upon returning to bed after answering a nocturnal call of nature by touching her on the leg or buttocks with a cold, wet bell end.
'You look shattered, Mildred.' 'I am, Maude! It took me a long while to get to sleep last night then Arthur dog nosed me after I'd finally dropped off'
by J Biscuit February 04, 2013

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