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When a guy gives head to a girl while she is having her period, and gets all the blood in his mouth. And a girl gives a guy head, and gets cum in her mouth.

Now when the guy/girl has blood/cum in their mouth, they kiss eachother.
"Hey Melissa, say I give you head when you're having your period, and then you give me head, and then we kiss after."
by J* December 28, 2003
A slng use for the word "my".
Mah = my. As in "My grammar sucks".
by J* January 01, 2004
1. A coin operated arcade game that only costs a penny to play.

2. A web comic found over the net. (www.penny-arcade.com)
1. I want to play that arcade game, and it only costs a penny.

2. www.penny-arcade.com
by J* December 28, 2003
A slang for the word "you".
Yooh = you. As in "Hey you, my grammar sucks".
by J* January 01, 2004
A short form of "Copy and Paste".
"I need to C&P that, because it's too long to re-type."
by J* January 01, 2004
Slang for Masturbation, with replacing "mas" with "wang".
I feel like wangsturbating
by J* December 28, 2003
A GameFAQs message board. YSB is the short form of the "Yu-gi-oh Social Board". Although, very little talk on Yu-gi-oh goes on, it's very unpredictible. Also known as the "557".
The YSB- We'd hit it...twice!
by J* January 01, 2004
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