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Used to put more emphasis that you don't care.
Dan: you know mom will be mad if we're late for dinner but I don't give a fuck
Tom: Well, I don't give two fucks, she makes crappy meatloaf anyway
by J'adore UD May 20, 2010
This is a phrase that is usually said at the end of a worthless story in an attempt to be funny.
Today, I dumped my boyfriend, threw his stuff out, burnt his pictures...and then I hit my dougie

I jumped off a cliff, smashed my brains...and then I hit my dougie
by J'adore UD September 03, 2010
The best language for someone who asks stupid questions, someone who states the obvious or generally, a dumbass
Dr. House speaks sarcasm

I speak two languages: english and sarcasm
by J'adore UD November 01, 2009
A condition in which you mask your insecurities by pointing out other people's flaws.
ex-convict: you flunked out of college?
guy with insecurititis: at least I didn't go to jail
by J'adore UD February 20, 2010
The only social network where the world revolves around Justin Bieber
Justin Beiber has been a trending topic since I was born

Can you believe that on twitter, Justin Bieber's mom was even a trending topic?
by J'adore UD April 28, 2010
(playing) frisbee in the snow
Matt: hey guys, are you up for snowsbee?
Guys: sure!
Mom: make sure you wear your gloves and hats. I don't want you to get sick.
by J'adore UD February 24, 2010
Putting the same status on all your social networks. This is usually done by people who crave attention.
Facebook: Some chic blew my horn
MySpace: Some chic blew my horn
Twitter: Some chic blew my horn

Tom: Didn't you just post that on Facebook and MySpace?
Jack: Yes, I'm doing a status import
by J'adore UD April 16, 2010

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