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Camel toes are most often caused by tight restrictive clothing ie: spandex, lycra, ect...
When jacked up to the breast area it causes the "camel toe" effect, also known as the moose knuckle.
"Damn if she'd feed that thing a pair of jeans in the morning it wouldn't munch on her like that!" She got a nasty camel toe!!
by j June 12, 2004
Style of well good music that consists of a catchy breakbeat deviating from the more conventional 4/4 with synths over the top. It is often downtempo and can be alot more interesting than regular techno and trance.

Good Breaks artists existing are: Hybrid, Freestylers, Plump djs, Stanton Warriors, Rennie Pilgrem, Meat Katie, Tayo, Christian J etc.
It is not techno, It is breaks you f*ckin Moron, leave my house now, who invited you anyway?
by j January 01, 2005
A place to purchase alcoholic; Used frequently by Massachusetts people and especially college students. Also known as package store, wacky packy, Phipps and Liquor Store
I want to get shitfaced so i need to make a trip to the packy to get some beer
by J April 08, 2003
The sense of unwanting and disbelief, with the ability to drag you further into its depths of irretrievable hell... it even has the ability to kill people, works well in poetry i find, if you are going to travel on this path, make sure you leave a realy long rope behind you...
Like a mound of dirt that i just can't seem to climb up, every time i move i slip further down, to the depths of where i don't want to be, someone, please someone save me... i don't want this to happen
by J April 01, 2005
a city so big the north and south are connected by a major highway. once a beautiful place now turned ghetto, both north and south. coyle pl, intervale pl, mclean ave, and caryle ave are all now hard. some of the north is still at its height, but it wont last very long, schools ARE laying off teachers and the board of ed is missing 600k. As someone once sed, take out staten island and make yonkers the 5th bourough of nyc, seeing as how it's about 10 minutes to manhattan (no traffic). Its still hot to hang out there because it is so commercialized.
My home... look at it now.
by j April 01, 2005
great, or really good. Mainly used in Birmingham, UK
I had a bostin night last night
by j May 09, 2003
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