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another word for good, especially when talking about clothes an event or gear. usually used with well.
this roll iz well cush.
did you see her coat? cor its well cush.
you feeling ok? yeah mush, im cush
by j December 06, 2003
a film that's watched by those who will never get any pussy.
Anyone who actually loves this movie is a virgin.
by J February 26, 2003
used mainly when anger and frustration run rampent through the veins of even the most noble and happy chappy
kid' settle down fukwit
by J April 01, 2005
A type of extremely mint music otherwise known as "Hard House"
Trance is amazing but not as good as hard dance
by J January 06, 2005
196 hoarsepower GSXR1000
at a 1/8 the weight
dude, look, he just did 270km/hour in 11 seconds....

yer i just creamed myself
by J April 01, 2005
another phrase used by that person with an IQ of however many cows they can count on a milk carton...
J' dude ur flies down
kid' chyeah
J' nah man ur flies down
kid' huh...
by J April 01, 2005
see idiot and liberal

The loser that thought he could beat Bush in the 2004 election. He got owned big time despite the ketchup money provided by his numbskull wife.
Some people are living in their own little claiming that John Kerry is our president.
by J April 03, 2005

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