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street classification of any prescription or non prescription substance that is a CNS retardant, common physical side effects of "downers" are:

decreased heart rate
feeling "stoned"
lettle or no reflexes
Barbiturates (Tranqs)
Opiates (Morphine, Codine, Heroin)
by J January 10, 2004
Extreme, twisted and insane hardcore techno. Happy hardcore without the happy.
Has deep roots in Holland, Germany, and Scotland.
If you haven't listened to any before I reccommend Fracture4-Lord of sunbeds.
Gabber is hard. Oh yes. Hard.
by J January 20, 2005
Driving While Intoxicated
"I'm not the type to get knocked wit DWI" -50 Cent
by J August 18, 2003
where the food is nasty and the dj plays the hokie-pokie song.
this prom is wack as hell.
by J April 21, 2004
gay version of jay-z
gay-z sucks
by j February 18, 2004
A term for heaven.
RIP Eazy 'n Uncle Charles, see you at Tha Crossroads.
by J March 29, 2003
Fucking awesome, cool, deck. Richa was originally the name of this girl from Norway/India/Philipines/etc. Due to her coolness, Richa is now used primarily as an adjective similar to "great".
That movie was so Richa.
Whoa, that weed was pretty Richa!
by J March 25, 2005
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