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399 definitions by J

Cash, money.
I Spent all ma dough on my new ride.
by J November 15, 2002
512 149
when a lack of sex or sexual activities with the other gender leads to a overall bad mood and a dip in social skills. usually long periods of sleep are common
after she broke up with him, he suffered from severe sexual frustration
by J October 28, 2004
529 202
true beauty of a female...
Something happens when a cute long haired women walks into a room.
by j August 12, 2004
423 102
1. noun; In B/D and S/M, the woman who is dominant.
2. noun; Proper title of dominant woman in B/D and S/M relationship.
1. I am a dominant Mistress who is looking for a submissive slave to play with.
2. My name is Mistress Tiffany.
by J June 04, 2003
635 314
Evergreen landscapes...shy beautiful women...men in lungies...and thoosha and chmanidi...Doesn't get better then that!!!
Kerala is the place where I want to be.
by j August 12, 2004
377 81
a person who believes, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, that every single word in the good book is 100 percent factual. They tend to exhibit outward signs of basic intelligence and know a lot of big words, occasionally even well educated, but have the general intelligence of a shoe. See also : brainwashed.
God SAID it happened so it did! Shut up! it did too! la la la i can't HEAR you!
by J October 16, 2003
433 151
Law School professor who talks to students like they are first graders.
The condescending Pat Bob said: "Mr. Whitten, will you tell me when I can continue talking."
by J February 01, 2005
450 190