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AKA Brian's line: Heeeeeeeeey..there's gunna be mad alcohol..
Brian: yo wanna come my this party? there's gunna be mad alcohol.
Justine: Umm...loser?
by J 0 K A February 22, 2005
saying hello in jewish
bob: shalom
jordan: u a jew?
bob: yea
jordan: oh
by J 0 K A May 09, 2005
1. looks like the hunchback (quazymoto)
kane is one ugly mutha fucka.
by J 0 K A May 09, 2005
isnt as addicting as most people say; no where as addicting ass EverCrack
Yo diablo 2 is the shizzle!
by J 0 K A February 09, 2005
1. if u like movies where people get hit by a car going 100 mph 4 times and dieing, getting shot 1000 times and not dieing, and having a thing for bandages this movie is for you.
2. i recommend seeing this movie just for the ladies. Jessica Alba is really hot mainly because she plays the role of a stripper who wants to fuck a 50 yr old guy. The way she dances will turn u on as it did for me.
John: yea sin city wasn't that realistic. everyone is invicible.
Jay: yea but jessica alba is damn fine in it. =)
by J 0 K A May 09, 2005
sad mutah fuckin wrestler; got owned by the crippler
randy orton sucks diack
by J 0 K A February 22, 2005
see pos; crapping car; waste of money
man: Look at that wack ass Miata.
women: Yea thats a POS.
by J 0 K A January 22, 2005

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