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Here's a list for ya punks!
2pac - greatest ever fullstop! No arguments needed, don't even try!

Biggie Smalls - this is debatable coz his ish wasn't even all that save a few gems that were dropped here and there but nowhere near the amount of quality raps as Pac, Nas or even Jay-Z for that matter.

Common Sense - He's in here coz he's my favorite and he's just too consistent. This is champagne rap/hip hop getting better with time. In my opinion, far more skilled lyrically than BIG and Pac put together. Only people like Tali, Mos Def and KRS are on his level here

Rakim - Now we all know what he's done for hip hop, so that's why he's here.

Nas - coz he is that good. Lyrically on his own, style of his own, kept it real MOST of his career (drop the bravehearts bull***t)

Mos Def - Name speaks for him. But who else is there that's been doin it the same way and keeping his rep intact for so long?

KRS-One - First face of the source magazine. This dude birthed a generation of rappers single handedly and has remained one of the truest crusaders of hip hop and the learning behind it.

Eminem - Do I really need to write anything? It's a shame that this guy ccame through and took over the game with so much ease. Yea, we got sick of him but we still bought the albums, yea we were sick of his disses, but he was so damn clever, yea he's white but he's so much better than a black rapper (don't hate - I'm black) This dude is crazy but he is right there with the legends EASILY.

Jay-Z - I hate this cat with a passion but he too is really THAT GOOD! He's been doing his thing long enough and good enough for me to be able to say that he's got a spot in the 'legends' fray. But let it be known that he is still a weak rapper with very little substance these days.

50 Cent - Give it up for this kid for being the bully that don't give a ***t. He ain't here becoz he's a lyrical mack 10, this nigga revived hip hop in a lack lustre time when a slew of rappers were taknig it downhill bar a few. He is the highest grossing rapper right now (2nd only to Pac) and will not be toppled by anyone soon. He's a legend whether you like it or not.
You guys know I'm right, so don't hate and just keep it real already aiite? Peace!! Worl's best rappers list is right here aiite!
by Izzzzy September 27, 2007

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