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What you say when someone tells you something he thinks is hilarious but really isn't. You say this to avoid hurting your friend's feelings in breaking it to him that his joke sucks.
Dudeman 1: "Oh man, I was playing horseshoes in Red Dead Redemption and I got a really close throw and John was all like, 'Did you see that!' It was so funny dude!"

Dudeman 2: "I guess you had to be there."

Dudeman 1: :(
by Izzy del Bosque June 08, 2010
The opposite of black coffee. Where black coffee has no cream or sugar, white coffee has loads of sugar and mounds of cream, thus giving it a white appearance.
Mostly drunk by trendy American college kids at Starbucks who like to be "hip" by drinking coffee even though they can't stand the flavor.
Trendy kid 1: "Hey, man, you wanna get some coffee? It's totally groovy!"

Trendy kid 2: "Sure, man, let's go to Starbucks, where all the rad kids hang out!"

Trendy kid 1: "I'll have a tall frappucino with an overpriced sandwich."

Trendy kid 2: "And I'll have a regular coffee, but put lots of cream and sugar in it. I only drink white coffee."
by Izzy del Bosque June 14, 2011

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