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Asian Induced Boner!
As the name suggests it is when upon looking at an attractive, sexy Asian lady a man gets an erection or boner, the aforementioned boner may or may not be a spontaneous erection. If the man with the boner points this out to a mate or is called out on the fact that he has said boner, he my use AIB as a legitimate excuse. however if the lady in question is a tranny or lady boy, then he may be ridiculed endlessly!
Guy 1: 'wow dude Peng-Wei is looking too sexy today, i would totally tap that!'
Guy 2: 'i know right, i mean just look at my crotch i have an AIB!'
Guy 1: 'WTF i did not need to know that, but i totally get where you are coming from!'


Guy 1:'wow that Asian over there just gave me the maddest AIB!'
Guy 2:'dude WTF, that is one of those Asian lady boys, you are such a fag!'
#asian #erection #boner #spontaneous erection #sexy #wtf #tranny #lady boy
by Izzy Valentino November 18, 2009
The value someting gains by being put up on or displayed on facebook. thus making it that much more "real". This can be varified by checking facebook or by a spot of facebooking. When checking the face value of something a person cannot be said to be a facebook stalker.
Also a person who makes a comment which has no face value may be humiliated, insulted and called a total loser very publically.
person 1: 'wow so Tom just told me he and Kate are dating now!"
person 2: 'Na i just checked their facebook pages and they both listed them as single, so clearly that statement has no face value"
Person 1: 'good bit of facebooking Tom is clearly such a loser
#facebook #facebooking #dating #loser #facebook stalk
by Izzy Valentino November 16, 2009
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