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The rich teenagers of Britain,
Sloanes are different to rahs and preps, they have the money but are not as stuck up. They are normally popular, and have lots of friends. They dress in labels such as; Jack Wills, Ralph Lauren, Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister, Superdry and other expensive brands.
Girls wear hair with a low parting, and it is normally messy or a loose bun. (but hair is beautifully conditioned)
They wear lots of makeup, foundation and have nude lips with lots of gloss.
They wear stacks of bangles and wristbands,
Large pearl earrings,
Pashmina scarves,
In UGGs a lot,
Ballet pumps,
canvas shoes in summer,
Mini denim skirt with nylon tights,
Label brand jogging bottoms with their Ugg boots,
Skinny Jeans,
Hoodies from a label brand,
Big belts,
tee shirts from the label brand,
layered up vest tops,
Cable knit jumpers,
V-neck jumpers,
Checkered shirt with leggings,
Gilets in winter,
Big leather bags, often from Louis Vuitton, Pauls boutique or Juicy Couture, and sometimes other designer labels.
They are often good looking.
You often see them on their iPhones or Blackberrys.
See them in Chelsea, Salcombe, and posh & rich areas of Britain.
Group of Girl Sloanes:

"Hey, time to go shopping along kings road"
"Yah, i need a new Jack Wills Gilet"
"Yah, My daddy has given me some money to buy clothes from abercrombie."
"Okay, let's go Jack Wills then Abercrombie & Fitch?"
by Izzy Jones August 17, 2011

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