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A legendary user on Ultimate-Guitar, he started out in the Metal Section in Ultimate-Guitar, but after a few months, he ventured off into the black hole of stupidity known as The Pit. Also going into the Other forum and the Punk/Ska forum, but The Pit was his exctasy. Soon he became a big hit. After controversial threads (And epic threads, such as the Ban the User Above You V.2, which is close to being the longest thread in UG), and his personality and sense of humour, he won Best AND Worst Threadstarter, and Most Likely to Become a Serial Killer, barely beating Meths. He has also been repeatedly voted Worst Uger two times in a row. A feat no one has yet accomplished except him. He also got 69th place on the best Uger. But the official Best Uger (glm hosted, but after he got permabanned ldl67 took over with SomeoneYouKnew counting the votes) he moved up 59 whole place and got number 10. He didn't even campaing that much. On October 28, 2007, glm was permabanned. He got his second warning for his second ban for repeatedly saying "nigga" after every sentence which was classified as "spam." Currently glm has two threads about him. One is about his threads, and one is asking why he got permabanned. Jackal58 said something in that thread that was very much true. "^ That is the greatness that is glm. You either love him or hate him. No middle ground. :)" A statement that should be remembered. glm will be sorely missed, but will be unbanned in 17 years.
"glm probably did something stupid to get his last warning. :sad:"

by Izz misses glm November 08, 2007

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