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someone who spends most of their time watching TV and doesn't exercise or have any interesting hobbies. Such a person spends most his/her free time sitting or lying on a coach.
My hubby is killing me; he never socializes. He's never asked me to go out; he's a coach potato.
by Iyad Abdelrahman March 29, 2008
Well. If you speak three languages, this means you are a trilinguist. If you speak two languages, this means that you are trilinguist. But if you are a monolonguist; that's to say, if you speak one and only one language, this means that you are AMERICAN!
Ahmad, an Arab guy speaks only Arabic.He is a monolinguist. So, he is an American! hehe
by Iyad Abdelrahman March 09, 2008

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