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1 definition by IxHatexU IxLuvxU

Short for Straight-edge. One of it's originators is Ian MacKaye of Minor Threat and Fugazi. This is the trend that's sweeping the nation slowly making it's way into the lives of most scene kids. Usually distinguised by the black "x" on their hands at hardcore shows. They commit to not taking drugs, drinking alcohol, having sex (until marriage) and for some also going vegan. For the extreme edger no cursing either. I myself have noticed very few dedicated edgers out there. Most claim straight-edge but don't live by it. They'll drink, smoke cigarettes, perform other sexual acts (ie oral) as long as its not intercourse. Edgers in other words are fairly hippocritical and think they're better than you because they lead "pure" lives. This leads to some violence to. Which you'd think would be no-no to somebody who thinks everything else is the devil.
He's not sxe, I got drunk with him last night.
by IxHatexU IxLuvxU August 31, 2005