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1. One who likes to give fellatio.

2. Plays hard to get but is a total slut.

3. An unemployed girl who has sex for expensive bags.
Tom: That girl is so easy.

Adam: I know, I was with her the night before, she's a Devyn.

Tom: At least, I didn't have to spend money on her, like you.

Adam: Well, she's like a whore.
#gold digger #whore #tab #secret internet fatty #herpes #stinky vagina
by Iwoveyou February 27, 2012
Stands for "but it's so fun", often used when being scolded for erratic or annoying behavior. pronounced : biss-if
Mom: Sally, stop licking the rug.

Sally: BISF!
#bsif #fisb #so #fun #it's
by iwoveyou January 18, 2011
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