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1 definition by Iwillattackyou

The Troll Face is an facial expression that expresses sarcasm and or a covert form of patronising someone after they had they had said or done something completely and utterly stupid.

It is not suppose to be attractive, It is equivalent to rolling the eyes backwards.

note: It can be also said that this is a form of non-verbal communication

Description of face:

Head Still, Lips shrilled up in a circular shape while blinking consequently every 3 second intervals

It usually lasts thirty seconds and the other person usually gets confused and doesn't know whats going on.
Jerald: Hey man

Kamyar: yo whats up how did the driving test go?

Jerald: yeh not bad, I failed again for the 6th time

Kamyar: Oh really? *Troll Face*
by Iwillattackyou June 12, 2010