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A variation of the classic mullet, but shorter all around and popularly worn by lesbians across the u.s.
this hairstyle is a classic giveaway to those who are lacking in gaydar.
Person 1: "Emma's mom recently got her hair cut, to my surprise it was a lesbian mullet!"

Person 2: "I saw that one coming the day she purchased that subaru outback"

Person 1: "yeah, i suppose you're right. i wonder if she has a girlfriend too"

by Iwantmymovieback January 03, 2009
The excuse and series of laws in which one or more male(s) generally in pairs, between the ages of 15 and 17, use against younger women as a way to avoid certain confrontation over specefied subjects, or to hold undeserved authority.
"no you can't have your beloved waynes world video back due to the immigration act of '92."

"The immigration act of 92' prevents me from going into further detail about your missing movie."
by iwantmymovieback July 26, 2008
How heroine junkies greet each other.

Step one: both parties hold out their outstretched, track marked arms,

step two: both take the avalable hand, and slap eachother's track marks for good luck.

:] Enjoy!
while walking down the streets of brooklyn, i often witness the heroine junkies hand shake, before, and after drug deals
by Iwantmymovieback January 04, 2009

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