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It is the removal of the foreskin. Some facts are: Not only are male circumcision rates in USA at 90-95% but other countries have even better numbers: all Polynesian Islands; the Philippines; South Korea; some African tribes; Israel and all Jewish conclaves around the world; all Muslim countries. The latter two are at 99.999%
When the foreskin is removed, the nerves in the shaft that ended in the foreskin grow new endings in the whole shaft. The result is a penile shaft that is more erotic.
Isn't there a lot of pain, when circumcised? Doctors now use creams or a shot to the penile nerve to deaden the nerves. There is no pain and no screaming. My two infant younger brothers slept through it all. Adolescent and adult males usually have a general anesthesia.
Is male circumcision a mutilation? No. Just look up the word in a good dictionary. It is a minor form of cosmetic surgery. It really makes the penis look better.
Are there any good health reasons for circumcision? Yes, there are. A first line of defense against infections such as AIDS/HIV and various sexual diseases. In the infant, a preventive for kidney diseases. Simplified hygiene. Good sex. The glans really remains soft.
A conversation with my roommate at the university.
Some anticirc persons had come to the campus today.

"What do you think of their point of view?"

"I don't think they know what they are talking about. It is really none of their business, being cut or intact."

"With them the foreskin seems to be a new religious symbol. I think that it may be only another fetish."

"You really like your circumcision, don't you."

"As you can see I am grateful to my parents for having it done."

"I'll second that. All the males in my extended family have been circumcised as have all the guys here that I have met in the campus locker rooms or in the showers on our floor."
by IvyLeague19 March 26, 2010
Stall Waiting occurs when two women who are pee shy occupy adjacent stalls. They can't empty their bladderswhen anyone is nearby because it makes a noise when they urinate into the toilet. So they wait until one gives up still with a painfully full bladder and leaves. If there are no other persons in the Ladies Room, the woman who is still in the stall is able to pee after holding her bladder for all day at work. It was 3 p.m. She last peed at 7 a.m.
My girl friend Joan hates Stall Waiting. She can't pee in a a private stall when there are lines of women waiting for each toilet in a crowded rest stop Ladies Room. When she got back in the car, she cried. I asked her what was wrong. She reminded me that we started out 6 hours ago. This is the second time she couldn't pee. Her bladder was bulging painfully. That turned me on.

It also happens with guys. There is a sophmore nearby in our dorm at the university who stands at the urinal every morning and can't pee a drop and relieve his pee full morning bladder. He has a bad case of paruresis.
by IvyLeague19 April 02, 2010
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