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A comment that a male with a small penis uses to attempt coitus with a female of interest i.e. you have a nice laugh.
E.g. Male and female in close proximity while watching stand-up comedy:

*female laughs*
*male smiles* " You have a really nice laugh."

(note: intelligent females may repress their suspicion and allow the line to pass for they have gone too long without intercourse; however the occasion will be limited to one orifice and the male will rarely succeed at leaving his nuptial gift in or near the females mouth).
by Ivegotorgans May 14, 2010

To be elevated by dubstep to such a degree that listeners are too overwhelmed by amazement and awe to take down their pants before shitting themselves from joy; i.e. made stupid by dubstep.

Usage note: usually in reference to a song remixed in the style of dubstep. Can be used in reference to anything vastly improved by the style of dubstep e.g. people, dance parties, long car rides, plants, orgies, monkeys etc.
by ivegotorgans October 15, 2012

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