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Possibly the best cereal ever created. It's contents are little wheat pieces and tiny colorful marshmallows, but people eat it for the marshmallows. I know i do.
Jessy: Hey Fred, do you want some Lucky Charms?

Fred: Not only do i want Lucky Charms, i want a shit load of them, and i want to have them now!
by Ivana Yamama February 07, 2009
It is what bad-ass rebels say to an authority figure when they tell them to do something. God, you guys are so cool. I hate you.
Mrs. Klingensmith: Now Nick, don't smoke pot behind church that's very disrespectful.

Nick, the bad-ass: You ain't the boss of me!

Mrs. Klingensmith: Give me the joint, bitch!
by Ivana Yamama May 02, 2009
Overpriced, yet stylish clothing that is seen on preppy, rich kids but mostly poor kids who save up money to shop there and have but four things from there.
Get. A. Life.
Lizzy: I saved up all my birthday money, and I'm about to head up to Abercrombie and buy a shirt.

Hilary: How much money did you get?

Lizzy: Almost 130 dollars!
by Ivana Yamama February 07, 2009
A part of yourself that you sometimes wish wasn't there, a part of you that no one likes.
Jill: Did you hear about the swine flu outbreak? There were 150 deaths already!

Yolanda: Say whaaaa?

Jill: Umm.. Yeah...

Yolanda: You trippin'? Ya'll is forreal right? Worrrrd.

Jill: You know you're white right?

Yolanda: Oh pardon me, you'll just have to exuse my inner gangster. It comes out in stressful situations.

Jill: Alright, see ya! Crazy bitch.
by Ivana Yamama May 02, 2009
The best band ever. Not only does everybody in the known world love them, but God himself is known to rock out to Brad Nowell's amazing talent.

Some kids are so jealous, that they wear Sublime shirts when they only know three Sublime songs. Which is annoying, so stop please :]
Fran: Wow, Brad Nowell is so talented. Sublime is awesome.

Ed: He is, he is.
by Ivana Yamama February 07, 2009
How a coke head says sunshine.
Coke head: Hey buddy! I wuh jusht schnortin up behind family dollar en da chunchine made me schneeze. What eh messsh let me tell you.
by Ivana Yamama June 03, 2009
The worst trend of the 21st Century. People wear them for attention, because they too know that they look like a circus.
Gina: Do you like my new colored skinny jeans?

Adam: Not gonna lie, Gina. I think you look ridiculous.

Gina: Oh i know, I'm trying to be different so people will look at me.

Adam: In that case, you look great!
by Ivana Yamama February 07, 2009
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