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1. (adj.) an ADA-recognized syndrome of big bones, thyroid disorder, and water retention, which entitles those afflicted to SuperSize their civic status along with their Value Meals, upgrading to 24/7 front-row parking, flashy aluminum walkers, and zippy electric scooters; all at no additional charge.
2. (n.) transfats with unique characteristics and uses.
2. Orbiting NASA scientists, while sucking liquified SPAM through a tube in zero-G conditions, have made bold new discoveries for the many applications of handifat.

by Ivan Ugrozny October 31, 2007
Antonym to "pimp my ride", referring to any act or omission which has the effect of diminishing a pimp's standing, either through one-upmanship or cool indifference.
"Carefu, now: Fly Betty gonna shrimp yo pride out deh on d'dance flo' nigga." "Fo'-sho', fo'-sho, Dawg! But I put that shrimp back on d'Barbie tonight at d'crib."
by Ivan Ugrozny November 01, 2007
1. Dat chick so fly, she make a pimp cry. Fly Betty, she zip 'n she zap, 'n she all O-VA dat. Mo' sexy'n Cat Woman 'n mo' lethal'n a thousan Juliettes, she shrimp yo pride mo' fasta dana speedin bullet 'n mo' powa-fu dan huh loca-motives. Not evun Mick Jagga got d'swagga make fly Betty lagga. She just too fly.

2. Pimp-code fo'...
a) fast hook-up
b) fav-O-rite ho
c) unrequited luv
d) all'em above

1. Fly Betty, she late. Hmmm, best not be tryin'a shrimp ma pride, cuz dis one NOOK-LAY hook-up. Oh, wait, hea she come. Shiiiii...! Dat be one pimpin ho! She supa-fly! Mmmm-mmmm! Looka dat!

2. Pimp 1: "Dawg, wutchyoo on'bout now?"
Pimp 2: "Fly Betty, she done shrimped my pride."
Pimp 1: "Has I gotsta pimpicate-chya on evu-r-uthang?
Pimp 2: "Yeah, dawg, but we had this thang..."
((dry tears falling into dry martini))

by Ivan Ugrozny November 01, 2007

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