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Pretty self-explainitory: but if you're a dumbass, I'll try my best.

1.) Very hard fucking. Near rape.
2.) inebriated to such an extent that you can't walk
1.) "I uberfukk'd her last night...She won't be walking for a week. ...no, really, I broke her leg."

2.) "I was uberfukk'd last night. I mean, I was so uberfukk'd that I couldn't stand and I shat on a turtle for christ's sake!"
by Ivan Sudoplatov August 07, 2004
Very Questionable; A bastardization of the word "Anxious" by Matt Stapleton
That is an axious statement.
by Ivan Sudoplatov October 14, 2003
Same as Nyugen; a penis. The male reproductive organ
"I'm going to place my nyugi in your ear!"

For nyugen: "My nyugen is so large, it would blot out the sun!"
by Ivan Sudoplatov October 06, 2003
A penis. Wang. The male reproductive organ.
by Ivan Sudoplatov October 06, 2003

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