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Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
Informally: The Soviet Union
A country that occupied 1/6 of all the land in the world. Existed from 1917 to 1991. Ruled by the Communist Party. Consisted of 15 republics. Controlled all of Eastern Europe, most of Asia, supported some African, Latin American and Middle Eastern countries. Called "The Evil Empire"
- Daddy, what's CCCP?
- It's Russian for USSR.
by Itzik August 09, 2005
Abbr. Russian Klub Veselih i Nahodchivyh.
Literal meaning: The club of the happy and the witty.
Low quality performance art, originated in the USSR. Conducted as a competition between two or more teams, where each of the teams has to outwit the others. Similar to improv comedy.
- Tetya Fekla, have you seen the latest KVN on TV?
- No, Ignatik, I am so busy, I don't have time for that shit!

- Marusya, turn the TV off.
- But, Mom, KVN is on.
- If you continue watching it, I'll disown you and you'll have to find a different cosigner for your college loans!
by Itzik August 09, 2005
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