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A dirty, ignorant person who is lazy and does not work but would rather steal, cheat and lie to gain an income. They usually take up the entire aisle in a store and refuse to move their fat asses. Notorious for having many kids in order to get more money from the government. You will see them beating their kids in public because they do not care about them, they are just noisy money signs to these creatures. They show up whenever something is being given away for free. Also they appear quite frequently on the show cops.
Wesley: Damn it stinks in Walmart today!
Mike: Yeah its food stamp day.
Wesley: Dirty Boofers!
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by Its_what_I_do22 September 21, 2011
A dirty female Boofer
Patrick: Do you see that dirty fat thing over there blocking the aisle?
Tanner: Yeah she's definately a Boofette.
#boofer fishin #boofer #boof #boofs #boofet
by Its_what_I_do22 September 21, 2011
When walking through an area where Boofers gather, you grab small change you have in your pocket and whip it across the floor or ground and watch the boofers run after it. Pennies, nickles, dimes work great but quarters give the best results. Boofers have been known to attack and sometimes in rare cases even kill their own kind for quarters.
Brian: Wanna go Boofer Fishing?
Seth: I've only got a couple dimes.
Brian: Thats enough for Boofer Fishin. They chase anything.
#boofer fishin #boofer #boof #boofs #boofette
by Its_what_I_do22 September 21, 2011
A small country town in Pennsylvania consisting of quite a few good normal people but also holds a couple handfuls of boofers. Race in Strattanville consists of 97.79% White, 0.92% African American, 0.37% Asian, and 0.92% from two or more races.
Brock: Hey lets go to Strattanville.
Tyrone: Are you crazy? Didnt you see the racial make up?
Brock: Yeah so?
Tyrone: I just have an odd feeling I wont fit in.
#strattonville #stratanville #stratton #strattan #strattanvile
by Its_what_I_do22 September 21, 2011
One that is so full of excitement that jizm explodes from their genitalia, hitting everything in range and dangles from the objects around.
(N). As I walked into the whore house I noticed party spooge on the lamp shade.

(v). As we were watching porn I warned everyone not to party spooge on my new silk curtains.
#party spooging #party spooged #party spoog #a mess #white rain
by Its_what_I_do22 September 13, 2011
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