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1. A never-ending+sexy story that is presented in both anime and manga which originated from Japan. It's about a pirate and his crew member going after thier dreams.
2. A type of clothing for the ladies.
1. Watch teh secks One Piece or die.
2. That one piece looks pretty queer to me, take it off.
by ItsTrue February 28, 2005
1. The elite way of saying "sex"
2. The elite way of saying "sexy"
3. The alternative way of saying the word "f**k" in chatrooms where swearings are blocked.
1. He just had some hot secks.
2. Ragnarok Online is teh secks.
3. A: I will gruntapult you.
B: If you do that, i will secks you up.
by ItsTrue February 28, 2005
1. A kind of food.
2. Not-honourable, cheap, unholy.
1. That mouse stole my cheese.
2. *Person A gets owned because Person B dropped mass siege tanks into Person A's base and finished it up in 20 secs with the help of the hax0r flamestrike+blizzard cheese combo*
Person B: "O_O pwned, i r teh secks"
Person A: "its cheese"
by ItsTrue February 28, 2005
1. Noun: a short way of calling semen.
2. Verb: The process of releasing semen, mainly due to sexual reasons.
1. "Eww, are those your jiz in your bag?"
2. When you go to downtown, you will realize that those girls are so hot that you will simply jiz yo pantz.
by ItsTrue March 28, 2005
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