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The ever so annoying and pointless feature on an LG phone that is almost destined to go off anywhere there is a group of people (during class, gatherings). Apparently it is telling you to speak a person's name so you can call them without pressing any buttons, but I don't think I have ever seen anyone use this feature.
Woman's voice: "Please say a command" *BEEP*
by ItsBeenReal April 27, 2009
To get drunk.

It is thought that its origin dates back to the wild west in the 1800's, where a cowboy would have to tie up his horse to a hitching post before he could go into the saloon and get drunk.

A British slang for this term, "tie a bun on", also means "to get drunk", however nobody is quite sure how someone came up with that one...
Trying to figure out the meaning behind these slangs is making my head hurt...and driving me to tie one on.
by ItsBeenReal October 07, 2009
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