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Largely based on a conglomeration of homicide and osmosis - The act of murdering a human with salt crystalls inserted into human orifice(s) to catalyse an osmotic gradient that drains water from within victim; rendering the victim deceased by dehydration.
Police man 1 - Ok, what we got here?

Police man 2 - Its horrific, I've never seen this before boss. Come and take a look.

(Police man 1 and 2 walk into room )

Police man 1 - Holy Shit... We got ourselves a Hosmocide
by Its tricky April 26, 2011
The Act of marinading oneself in a bath tub of marmite with the purpose of blackening oneself up in anticipation of a night out with the opposite sex who are attracted by a being with darker skin.
Jim - Hey bob you out tonight?

Bob - Nah boss, I'm going out tomorrow with Kelsey and the gang...!

Jim - You'll never pull them!

Bob - Yeah I've contemplated this and decided an evening of marmitification is the only option.

Jim - Worth a go...
by Its tricky April 27, 2011

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