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the word "love" is a semantic confusion, based on the accidental usage of the same word used in two totally different and often quite contradictory meanings
ei. "i love you" and "to make love"
so the word "sprimpo" is used for the activity the romantic semantic confusion is avoided
"Shall we make sprimpo"
"come on, let's go and make sprimpo"
"I really need some sprimpoing"
"I'm going to find a new sprimpoer"
"Settle down in a nice little sprimpo nest"
by Its Me Lenny November 09, 2009
a guitar retard, the kind of person who has to grab a guitar no matter whos it is or where they are or whos playing it just to show off their own lack of skillz
"that guy just grabbed that other guys guitar and started playing it, he's such a guitard"
by Its Me Lenny April 10, 2009
The heavy constipant fealing you get in your bowls after eating to much chocolate.
"I pigged out at Easter and now I have a bad case of chocolate gut"
by Its Me Lenny March 21, 2008
When you take a diarrhetic shit in all holes of a girls body and fill her insides up like a caramello koala.
"I turned Stacy into a caramello koala"
"What did she taste like?"
"Shit, of course"

"caramello koala me"
by Its Me Lenny May 21, 2009
A a shortened combination of "it's dodgy" but used like using the word dodgy.
"That game has no coop, it's stodgey"

"My mum won't buy me an XBox360!"
"Wow that's stodgy."

"How stodgy is that"
by Its Me Lenny December 31, 2007

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