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Parkour (sometimes spelled PK, Pking), Is a sport created in France by Davide Belle and some other people which are now in Yamakasi, The legendary team of the true creators.

Alot of people seem to mix between Free Running and Parkour.The term Free Running is similar to Parkour, Developed by Sebastien Foucan, In Free Running you move your in your way. Although when people say "Hey wanna come Free Running tonight" It means Parkour, But mostly tricking. Sebastien Foucan explains that you should move your own way, And listen to none other but yourself. One doesn't have to listen to anybody.

While Parkour is getting from point A to point B as fast and efficently, As if you are being chased in a city, You have to run fast of course. And again, You are the leader. You listen to no other person but yourself.

To some Parkour is a Sport. They train it in Gyms. To some Parkour is a Discipline, Meaning that they think that when you Parkour, Your brain has to focus and get rid of it's thoughts. If you think parkour as a Discipline (I personally too) you always have to overcome the fear in your mind.

And to some, Its martial Arts.

Also remember that, When one parkours he MUST give respect to his body, to how he moves and of course to his own environment or otherwise the Urban area he is moving in.


Parkour is a very good sport because you only need a pair of trainers and you can already master your moves!
"So..I heard about this thing.. Parkour .. What is it..?"
"Read above."
by Itay Ron March 20, 2008

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