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For those of you uneducated folk; Itami means 'pain' in japanese.

Also, for fear of being left out; Itami is a guy who never misses an opportunity to make fun of people who feel they are so high above everyone else, from koto to itz I'm sure you've seen many more on urbandictionary
'What's wrong..?!'
'Ahh. Itami! Itami! *Points to his elbow*'
'Okay, let me go get a band-aid.'

Itami is the biggest asshole, ever. *Mocking tone* I wish I could be as koto -- I mean -- as Itami as that.
by Itami June 30, 2005
Having the characteristic of being easily molested. Vulnerable in the way of sexual knowledge and prowess and having few sexual defenses.
"Dude, that chicken looks so hot...I want it..."

"Dude, you screw the chicken, I'm going to see if that gohper is molesterable. He was eyeing me earlier."
by Itami June 21, 2005
crazy drunk
damn last night i was soo crunk!
by iTaMi March 10, 2003
1) Someone on urbandictionary who is very egotistical.

2) Often used to replace the word 'its' because it is considered 'cool' by many stupid, chilidish, insecure, and annoying people.
itz: 'Don't try to define my name, bitch'

i tink itz becuz they they are, liek, st00pid.
by Itami June 30, 2005

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