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East Haven is a small town in CT known for its younger population of wannabe gangstas, roid-rage, greasy skin, obsession with the Gotti's, and fleet of suped up Honda Civics. Known in the 70's and 80's for its residents Camaros, big hair, and non-existent minority population, modern-day East Havener's are either trailer-park Momauguinites or snobbish Foxonites. Seniors abound in EH as the old guard of its mafia population is slowly dying off. A piss poor youth culture (of roid popping, no-sack guys and whorish girls) dominates EH which boasts of a Chili's, a bowling alley, and a Stop and Shop as its main attractions. In fact, most Easties flee town to do anything involving money (God forbid someone in town do well!). And worst of all, the concept "fair fight" is understood by no one - although real fights rarely occur (they are mostly shouting matchings that criticize people's moms and their cooking/sexual habits).

In a quick note, East Haven's girls are whores, guys have no balls, seniors control the town from 5AM to 11AM, and everyone thinks they make the best pasta sauce.
Wannabe Gangster from EH: Let's do it... meet me at the Green in an hour and we'll settle this.
Wannabe Gangster 2: Fine!

.... Later at the Green in East Haven, with 100's of civics lining the streets

Wannabe 1: You gonna do anything, or are we gonna wait for Officer Nick to come break this up?
Wannabe 2: Nah man, you might sue me. Besides, It took me an hour to do my hair all Gotti like this!
by ItalianStalion0213 April 05, 2006
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