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The corporate equivalent of the naval expression "all hands on deck" where everyone is called to help remedy an emergency situation, but in the corporate world most people can't really help so the best they can do is put their hands on their dick.
When BP realized the magnitude of the oil spill, the CEO called for all hands on dick.
Another version of "so to speak", a completely useless expression often combined with other useless expressions like "it is what it is" or "back in the day".
"Yo, dude, what's up with that big scratch you put in my snowboard?"

"Don't know what happened. It is what it is, so to speak."

"Don't give me that soda speak bullshit, what the fuck happened?"
A pair of people who, together, have a greater negative impact than the sum of their individual efforts. Based on the "dynamic duo" of Batman and Robin who had the opposite, positive effect.
So, what have your neighbors been doing lately?

Ever since he moved in with her, the dynamic douche bags have been throwing loud parties and piling trash in their front yard.
a macho male form of scrutinize
His wife wanted to but a Miata, but after he scrotinized and found out who drives Miatas, he wouldn't let her do it.
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