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There's a list of things you do as a G either called the G-code or the code of the streets and since these niggas ain't wrote it down for you (prolly cuz they don't know) I'ma spell it out for y'all.

#1. don't let nobody talk shit on your set

#2. get paid

#3. Don't get caught

#4. don't give the cops shit

#5. never let em see you sweat
"What you doin today nigga?"

"Nigga, stickin to the code of the streets, I'm a O.G. nigga you knew that."


"That nigga was talkin shit, so I let him know bout the code."
#the code #da code #tha code #g-code #street code #that's stupid i gotta come up with 5 fuckin related words when they ain't 5
by It's the Ghost, pimpin April 18, 2006
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