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One of reggaeton's pioneer rappers. Along wit his partner Wisin they make the duo Wisin y Yandel. They've created reggaeton hits like "Aventura" and "El Booty" from the new CD "La Mision 4". Yandel has made hits like "Dem Bow" and Say Ho".
Yandel is part of the duo Wisin Y Yandel
by Israel January 05, 2005
one of reggaeton's leadin pioneer along with his partner Yandel they've made hits like, "Pistoleros", and "Aventura". Wisin made hits like "Saoco" with Daddy Yankee and "La Gitana".
wisin is part of the duo wisin y yandel
by Israel January 01, 2005
Puerto Rican twins from Queens, NYC. their names are Natalie and Nicole Albino. they came up with th name Nina Sky from the first 2 letters of both of their names NiNa. Sky represents their shared aspirations. They've made hits like "Move Ya Body" and "Turn Me On".
Nina Sky r some hot Puerto rican twins dat can sing.
by Israel January 05, 2005
the way you masterbate in filipino
ano james jakol ka nanaman eh?lagi naman eh burat.
by israel October 22, 2003
The process of using the Isketch program to make disturbing, yet comical images
Dude, did you check out Tae's I-skat? man they got owned.
by Israel March 15, 2004
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